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A2P, API, & Bug Fixes

Mar 24, 2023

A2P: Vetting Score

  • Users who have submitted a Brand can now Vet the brand through Avochato. Submitting a vetting request incurs a fee that is deducted from balance.
  • Vetted brands can apply for higher volume mixed use-cases.
  • We now show DCA errors associated with rejected use-cases to users. Users can respond to the feedback and resubmit use-cases accordingly without going through the Avochato support team.


  • Scheduled Message objects that have not been sent yet now return their created_at timestamp when you query them via the API, just like other message objects. This timestamp represents the time that a user initially scheduled the message, not the future delivery date of the message itself.
  • All Webhook payloads now include an at field which has a floating point timestamp that indicates when the webhook event was initially triggered by our servers. This is intended to aid developers in logging and sorting webhook events triggered by Avochato.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the Private Conversations assignee could be overridden or dropped from filtering the inbox unintentionally.
  • Fixed an issue where unchecking the Unaddressed filter while viewing My Inbox did not remove the filter, preventing users from seeing their list of addressed conversations.
  • Fixed an issue where inbox team members would unintentionally receive browser and email notifications about events that triggered reopened conversations assigned to other team members, due to the order of operations when assigning, opening, and notifying a teammate about an incoming message.
  • “Edit Contact” button is now more clickable.


  • Fixed issues when viewing survey stats — all survey stats should be accurate including in the CSV download for users who received, responded or didn’t respond to a survey question.
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