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A2P Use Cases & Bugs

Apr 14, 2023

A2P Verification

We’ve added the ability to directly sync one or more inboxes to the same Use Case.

Use Cases can be shared across any number of inboxes. The Use Case’s throughput should match the total throughput of all the inboxes sharing that Use Case (e.g. if multiple inboxes share a single low volume 5,000 segment per day Use Case, you should keep the total traffic of all those inboxes combined below 5,000 segments per day, or else you may experience filtering by carriers).

Use Case Inbox Syncing

You can now connect multiple inboxes to a given use-case during step 3. Find the Use Case, click “Select an Inbox”, and check each inbox that should be covered by that Use Case.

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Use Case Un-syncing

Inboxes can now be un-synced from a use-case as well. This can be useful in order to switch to a brand new use-case for an inbox, or to remove an inbox from one use-case and assign it to another existing use-case.

Click the X and confirm removing the inbox.

Once unsynced, you can re sync that inbox to any of your other use-cases.

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  • Fixed an issue loading conversations for contacts with blank names created via the API
  • Use the X button to clear the search bar
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  • Fixed a handful of errors that could crash the inbox or cause live updates to fail to appear in the inbox without refreshing the page
  • Fixed a redirect loop that users could get stuck in after being removed from an inbox
  • Fixed a redirect loop on Firefox mobile
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