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Analytics Improvement, Tags Feature Update and Bug Fixes

Jan 4, 2024



  • The Delivery section of the Inbox analytics has been restored - Error Rates now appear broken down daily showing the % of message errors across the selected inbox(ex). We also fixed an issue with certain successful delivery codes being treated as errors.


  • Tags now properly expand to show the full tag name when hovering over a long list of tags in the inbox
  • Tag shortcuts are more visibly clickable

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed some issues with opening and closing various modals in the application
  • Fixed some issues with selecting text and mouse-drag events causing panels to close in various parts of the application
  • Dismissing tutorial videos now properly pauses the video, allowing you to reopen the video without reloading the page.

Android App

  • Fixed various crashes reopening or logging into the app
  • Fixed an issue uploading CSV files from the device to Broadcasts and Contacts when using Android 13
  • Fixed some visual issues with login screen placeholder text


  • Pending messages now wait for you to finish editing them before they send. Editing a message will prevent the pending message from going out until after you’ve saved the message.

A2P Verification

  • Fixed some visual issues with the list of use-cases and the action menu getting clipped inside the list.
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