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Avo4SF Package 1.44, Updated Avochato Android App and Bug Fixes

Nov 2, 2023



  • New Avo4SF package v1.44 has been rolled out, including support for Salesforce Campaigns
  • The Avochato Inbox pick list is now catered to the individual logged in Salesforce user. When using List View Broadcasting, you will only see the Avochato Inboxes that you have access to (rather than every inbox across the org)
  • The Send Message flow action can now process any amount of message requests, which now processes mass SMS requests from SF automation and converts them into Avochato broadcasts. This helps avoid rate limiting issues with sending too many messages to Avochato at once.
  • The Create Broadcast flow action can now be used with Salesforce Campaigns! This used to be a beta feature that required some complicated automation steps to get it working, but now it accepts the Broadcast ASAP flag to broadcast immediately to all Salesforce Campaign Members, or use the Scheduled for datetime to schedule the broadcast for a later time.

Avochato Android App

  • New version of the android app to support the latest Android OS version

Bug Fixes


  • The outbound call button now properly resets its credentials when they expire, which was preventing some users from making calls
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