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Broadcasts Updates & Bugs

Oct 12, 2022



  • Users can now preview their draft broadcast plus the Compliance Template setup for their inbox. Checking this box allows users to preview the possible message and estimated upper bound length of their broadcast (and subsequent cost per contact.)
    • Internal Note: Compliance template is hidden for organizations that have it disabled.

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  • The “Estimated Cost” breakdown is now only visible to users with Billing access. Previously, all users regardless of permissions could view the total cost breakdown when drafting, publishing, and viewing a summary of their broadcasts. However, all users will still be able to see the “Estimated Cost” calculator in Step 1.


  • In Step 1 viewing a draft broadcast no longer makes you the most recent editor, if you did not make any changes to the broadcast
  • In Step 1 if you haven’t made a change to the message or name of your broadcast, you won’t see a confirmation modal when you navigate away to save your draft
  • In Step 1 when viewing an existing draft, the draft segment counter properly takes into account emojis and special characters without having to edit the message first.
  • In Step 1 the Broadcast estimated cost calculator only renders line items used by the broadcast — no more $0.00 MMS line items for broadcasts that don’t use attachments and vice versa
  • In Step 2 “Select Audience” the list of fields in the dropdown now properly includes all custom fields of the account
  • In Step 2 “Select Audience” for a better user experience, we now keep the Add Audience menu open after closing any of the nested options
  • In the Broadcast homepage the filter element properly highlights while filtering
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