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Inbox Updates & Bug Fixes

June 23, 2023

Inbox Updates

Unsent Draft Messages & Resend mechanism

Messages that fail to register with Avochato (either because a user does not have a seat or there is a network error between you and Avochato servers) will remain in the conversation with a “Resend” link so that they can be re-attempted.

Previously, these messages would appear without a timestamp and simply vanish afterwards with little indication that they had failed.

Note: that these “draft” messages will only appear on the device used to attempt to send the message and are not visible to other users.

Bug Fixes


  • When updating contact owners via CSV upload, emails are now treated as case-insensitive (ie. is now treated the same as when trying to set Jane as the owner of a contact)


  • Fixed a bug where the audience count was stuck at 0 when going from step 2’s “Select Audience” to step 3’s “Review” page


  • Fixed a bug where organizations were agreeing to TCR “Terms & Conditions” regardless of selection by adding “Terms & Conditions” to campaign creation API payload
  • Fixed a bug where we only relied on a reference to an MS we expect a phone number to exist within to sever its ties in Twilio by adding an exhaustive search for a phone number's messaging service when attempting to unsync phone numbers, this should result in fewer errors in Step 3 of A2P compliance
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