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New Messaging API Fields and Bug Fixes

Dec 7, 2023


Messages API

  • Messages - New fields have been added to message API payloads and webhook payloads, including
    • broadcast_id (if a message was part of a broadcast)
    • salesforce_activity_id (if a message is associated synced Salesforce Activity Task)
    • salesforce_group_activity_id (if a message is part of a group of messages synced to a Salesforce Activity Task
    • id and contents should now properly be included in all webhook event payloads

Bug Fixes

Trial Experience

  • The “Please Upgrade” popup is easier to dismiss by clicking outside the modal window, just like other modals in the product.
  • The initial account verification MFA text should always send out immediately without having to click “Resend.”
  • Fixed issues with some tutorial modals that couldn’t properly be dismissed after opening.

Android App

  • Fixed an issue with uploading CSV files using the Contact Import button while using Android 13. Please upgrade to the latest version of Avochato for Android if you are using Android 13.

A2P Verification

  • Fixed an issue where new trials could not sync their Verified Use Cases to their inbox without admin assistance.


  • Fixed a performance issue when searching the inbox for a contacts with an empty phone field.
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