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Sentiment Analysis, Inbox Sorting by Priority, Profile Pictures in the Inbox, and Bug Fixes

March 21, 2024


AvoAI Agent Assist - Sentiment Analysis (Beta)

  • AvoAI Agent Assist now has an additional feature to give a numerical rating to a conversation. The rating will range from 0 to 10, 0 being very negative and 10 being very positive. Sentiment Analysis will also summarize the main topic of the conversation and list both resolved and unresolved action items.
    • Results generated by Sentiment Analysis can be copied over as a note into the conversation with just one click.

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Inbox Sorting by Priority

  • Added a new way to sort inbox conversations using the contact’s priority. You can find this sorting option under “Sort” and by selecting “Highest Contact Priority”. The conversation list will then be sorted according to the contact’s priority followed by recent activity.
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      Contact priority can be set by going to the contact’s details page and assigning a priority rating designated by a star. Each contact can be rated from 1 to 5 stars, 1 being the lowest while 5 being the highest.

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Profile Pictures in the Inbox

  • Profile pictures you upload on your profile page will now show as well in the inbox.
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Notion image
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  • The A2P registration page will now show errors for brands and campaigns that have incorrect or missing info
  • Improved styling for the profile page

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed instances where initiating a password reset won’t trigger an email to be sent to the user
  • Fixed displaced loaders in various places of the app
  • Fixed an issue where new users would get a password incorrect error after creating an account


  • Fixed graphical UI issues of the emoji selector window

A2P Registration

  • Fixed errors when updating an A2P brand
  • Fixed some A2P campaigns showing an error page when trying to view it


  • Fixed reliability of stopping surveys using the “End Survey” button


  • Fixed accuracy between different time zones for the date filters in the broadcasting tab
  • Fixed an issue where sending a image only broadcast does not allow you to continue to the next step


  • Fixed instances where long contact names pushes some buttons off screen

Android App

  • Fixed downloading multiple contacts as .csv in the “Contacts” page in the Android native app
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