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Toll-Free & Bug Fixes

July 27, 2023



  • You can now select Toll Free numbers when creating an Avochato account. You can still choose a local area code, but toll free numbers will be suggested by default for convenience.
  • Fixed an issue during number selection, where users were incorrectly prompted to enter a two-factor challenge for the “Sign In” page instead of the “Phone Verification” step.
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Update Use Cases

You can now properly update a Use Case after it has been created, in order to resubmit or appeal a pending or rejected Use Case. This is most often due to “DCA1” errors that require edits to the Use Case for approval with the Avochato inbox’s third party connectivity provider.

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  • Each of the following fields can be edited in order to resubmit the Use Case for final approval, including:
    • Opt-in Methodology
    • Sample Messages 1 & 2
    • Description
    • Website
  • Improved handling various errors that prevent us from syncing Use-cases to our connectivity providers. This should make connecting use-cases to inboxes work more smoothly when things go wrong.
  • Fixed an issue where unverified brands would stay stuck in a processing state even though they had failed. These brands will now correctly move from “processing” to “rejected”, and can be resubmitted in the Verification portal for re-approval.

Bug Fixes

  • Broadcasting: Fixed an issue where navigating around the broadcast section would redirect you back to an empty broadcast list page
  • Inbox: Fixed a long-standing issue where conversations could be re-assigned the same status multiple times in a row.
  • Templates: Fixed an issue where error messages weren’t always fully displayed when a template failed to save.
  • Analytics: Some adjustments to how various graphs are rendered and fixes for on how some stats are queried and presented.
    • Conversation Status and Segment Tracking charts should always load
    • Assignments by channel should no longer show negative values
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