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Widget Recaptcha & Bugs

Nov 17, 2022

Website Widgets

Avochato website widgets now support spam and bot protection via Recaptcha v3!

This brings protection to prevent widgets from being abused by malicious actors creating high volumes of submissions or triggering outbound messages.

Recaptcha works on both desktop and mobile and is based on a smart detection system to determine if the user may or may not be a robot — for most users, they will never see the recaptcha form.

Recaptcha can be enabled on a per-widget basis and the spam threshold is also adjustable per widget.



  • TCR Brand applications now provide instant feedback when submitting a brand
  • Added a link to new help center content
  • We’ve updated some defaults when populating A2P campaigns to better serve the most common use-cases on our platform.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed bugs relating to scrolling to the top of a conversation and being unable to scroll to the top of other subsequent conversations or fetch events for those convos
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with rendering billing and pricing on mobile


  • Users can once again create MMS-only broadcasts. Any broadcast sent only with MMS will have no SMS segment and will not validate the contents or append the compliance template.
  • Drafts save after clicking Confirm when navigating away from a broadcast
  • Fixed an issue with showing the correct audience count
  • Cleaned up some of the UI in various states when attaching media to broadcasts
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