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A2P & Bug Fixes

July 20, 2023


  • New “Created By” filter for showing only the broadcasts created by a specific team member
  • New “Message” column in the Broadcast list for viewing a preview of each broadcast, and an indicator if there is an MMS attachment
  • Added a confirmation modal before deleting draft broadcasts via bulk action
  • Fixed a bug where broadcast stats could exceed 100% when audience contacts opted out or were deleted
  • Various Broadcast UI tweaks and updates to tooltips + copy

A2P Verification

Overhauled how we collect how customers describe their Opt in Process(es) to increase the likelihood of A2P approval.

  • Multiple common opt in methods are listed, and customers can select one or more opt in method to provide a detailed description of how the customer gathers consent.

Added Use Case nudging actions to streamline the verification process

  • Updating TCR Campaigns depending on their status in the TCR dashboard
  • Use Case Reviewing
    • Notion image
Notion image
  • Appealing DCA errors with fields to include your reasoning and any changes made
    • Notion image
Notion image
  • Users now must agree to the Terms and Conditions when applying to TCR
Notion image



  • Fixed an issue where the attachment thumbnail images for some file types rendered blank (for Broadcasts as well)
  • Conversation transcripts now properly download the lastest 1000 messages, instead of the first 1000 messages
  • Fixed an issue where solo conversations were improperly rendering for some users when different accounts had differing settings
  • Removed functionality to add contacts to a broadcast via our “Bulk Actions” feature to streamline our processes


  • Resolved a race-condition that would sometimes cause accounts to not trigger an auto-fill despite being out of balance
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