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A2P & Salesforce

June 9, 2023


  • Added a banner to notify users of an upcoming July 5th deadline to verify your business with A2P.
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  • Various updates to Use Case verification
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  • Added functionality to allow customers to fix data mismatch errors of their Brands.
  • Overflow menu added that conditionally shows actions including “Resubmit” (which allows customers to resubmit after fixing mismatch data errors), “Update”, and “Vet” based on the Brand’s current state.
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Avochato for Salesforce


For inboxes that have disabled “Lifetime Conversations”: When viewing a record in Salesforce, the embedded Avochato widget will show the most recent conversation associated with that record, even if that conversation was marked as “Closed”.

  • Note: Viewing records with no conversation history will still show the “New Conversation” button inside the Avochato widget.

Opt-Out Data Sync

We fixed an issue where both Opt-Out & Opt-In keywords and buttons in the Avochato contact card would not always update the state of the associated record in Salesforce.

  • If a custom Opt-Out field was specified, there were cases where it was being excluded both when an Opt-Out or Opt-In occurred, as well as when syncing any other contact updates. This included automatic updates (if enabled) as well as manual syncs made using the “Sync to Salesforce” button.
  • In cases where the custom Opt-Out field was ignored, no updates to any Opt-Out field were made, including the default field added by the Avochato package.
  • Moving forward, any type of contact sync triggered by Avochato should properly respect the Custom Opt-Out Field (if customized) whenever an Opt-Out or Opt-In occurs.
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