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A2P Verification

Nov 4, 2022

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NEW: Users can now register their business with The Campaign Registry and tie A2P campaign IDs to their Twilio Messaging Services, all without leaving the Avochato App!


The page for managing A2P brand verification and Use Cases is accessible to Avochato owners, admins, and managers via the settings page.

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To verify an Avochato inbox, both the Brand and Use Case must successfully pass registration - this includes providing business information and example messages.

Step 1: A2P

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Each organization can setup a Brand which represents the legal entity that is doing business through Avochato.

Brand address information and contact data is stored securely in Avochato and only synced to the Campaign Registry.

If your brand fails to register, you will see a “Failure” status and error messages in your draft Brand. Fix the errors and resubmit to verify your brand.

Step 2: Use Case

In the self-serve flow, each inbox can have one brand. Each Brand can create one or more Use Cases (ie. A2P Campaigns) defined by the type of volume and activity they are engaging in. This includes example messages:

  • Use-case info is shared with the Campaign Registry, and an anonymous campaign ID is then shared with Twilio to “cover” all the numbers that a customer plans to connect to that Use Case
  • Note: After a use-case gets approved, Admins can associate multiple inboxes (and all Avochato numbers in those inboxes) to a single Messaging Service. This allows one registered use-case to cover many inboxes with improved deliverability and throughput.
  • After the use-case has been created in Avochato, it must be verified by the Campaign Registry
  • For more details, see:

Linking to Twilio

After creating a brand, at least one use-case, and verifying both with TCR, your inbox is all set to send messages over A2P 10DLC!

The Use-case is automatically linked between the TCR and the Twilio account used by the inbox. New use-cases can be created but existing verified use cases or brands cannot be modified except by Avochato admins.

Notes on migration: If no messaging service is connected to the inbox yet, we will automatically create an MS and migrate all numbers in the inbox automatically.

All MS’s created by this automated process are automatically eligible for “One for All A2P campaigns” — any other numbers in other inboxes that need to be covered by this use case just need to be added to that MS in twilio by Avochato Admins and everything will “work”, regardless of what inbox those numbers live in Avochato.

Existing A2P Brands and Use Cases (Campaigns)

Existing customers with active A2P campaigns will not see their information just yet in Avochato. The Engineering team will work to migrate all existing information so that unregistered customers have prepopulated address information (for example, info given to use during 2021-22 via Hubspot forms) as well as existing TCR campaign information, if possible.

  • Starter Brands will need to re-register due to a change in policy by Twilio and carriers — our Product team will be disseminating information including action items for customers to make this re-registration as smooth as possible.
  • Meanwhile, A2P Brands and Use-cases that were created manually in Twilio over the past year will not appear automatically for existing customers in the new A2P dashboard. This doesn’t mean they no longer are on a2p — it just means we still have to migrate their data so it cosmetically shows up inside Avochato.


Customers will see a new call to action in their Onboarding that instructs them to verify their business. This will appear locked until upgrading, just like the Auto Fill onboarding step.

Logged in users who visit and click Register Your Business will be taken to the A2P dashboard.

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