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Avochato for Salesforce Updates & Invite User Improvements

January 25, 2021

NEW: Avochato for Salesforce Onboarding ☁️

Our Salesforce package has an updated onboarding flow. We have removed as many manual steps as possible. Specifically, we have created a UI for viewing and managing API credentials that are required for Process Builder, Broadcast-from-Salesforce, etc. All existing credentials will appear in the table. Also, a whole plethora of Avochato for Salesforce Help Articles here.

NEW: Hide Website Widget 🙈

We added a setting to hide the widget completely until an action is taken by a website visitor. This allows developers to make the widget “appear” only when a specific action occurs on your webpage (as opposed to the floating widget button always being on the screen). Once opened, the widget will stay open if you reload the page and will hide itself once the widget is closed.

UPDATE: Invite New User Flow 😎

Brand new users can now set their phone number and password when accepting an invitation. The phone number field remains optional. Updating or setting your phone number under your profile (or when accepting a new invitation), now requires passing two-factor authentication.

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