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Beta Updates: AvoAI Escalations and Notifications

June 4, 2024


Notifications (Beta)

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  • Never miss important updates: Avochato now has secure user-specific notifications that persist in the inbox. Notifications are unique to your user. They allow you to keep track of things you might have missed across all inboxes you belong to, including:
    • Missed Calls
    • Ticket Assignment
    • Failed broadcasts
    • AvoAI Agent Needed
  • Missed calls and AvoAI agent needed notifications are only sent to users that are part of the account’s auto assignment roster and are currently marked as “available”
  • AvoAI Agent Needed notifications are only sent if Avobot has the setting toggled on.
  • Select a notification to jump to the associated ticket and it marks the notification as read.
  • Note: user notifications are not the same as unaddressed conversations. The global unaddressed conversation count for each inbox will still appear in the far-left inbox column.
  • This feature is currently available in Beta. Please contact our support team to have this feature enabled.

AvoAI (Beta)

Upgrade to ChatGPT-4o

  • Avochato now leverages OpenAI’s latest model which is 2x faster and has 5x higher rate limits.

Detect when Agent Needed

  • When AvoAI Agents detect a situation where a customer wants to speak to an agent or teammate, the AvoAI bot will trigger a notification.
  • The conversation will remain assigned to the AvoBot until a user takes over the conversation.
  • Setting is available in Build-a-Bot flow.
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Import Schema

You can now import your schema from Salesforce into Avochato - we will securely read your schema and create Custom Variables for each field in Salesforce - including custom fields.

For more detailed information, please check the whole article in our help center by clicking here.

Field syncing controls

By default, custom fields have a two-way sync between Avochato and Salesforce, so that if data changes in Avochato, those changes are saved back to the connected Salesforce field, and vise versa.

You can now chose which direction fields sync to or from Salesforce.

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For example, you can set a field to always sync from Salesforce but never get overwritten by Avochato (if you always want Salesforce to be the “source of truth”)

Alternatively, you can pick a field to never sync to Avochato at all by choosing “Disabled”

For more detailed information, please check the whole article in our help center by clicking here.



Avochato will attempt to compress attachments sent via MMS via the attachment paperclip button in the inbox. This should improve delivery of images in order to better deliver them to end-users who are limited by their carrier’s rules on attachment sizes.

Website Widgets

Disabling widgets now properly prevents them from ever getting injected onto any page where their script tag is hosted.

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