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Billing, Broadcasts, & Inbox Bug Fixes

Feb 23, 2023


  • Fixed an issue with our sign in flow when users could get stuck in a redirect loop after being removed from an inbox.
  • When activating Auto-fill, we’ve improved how we check if the current card on file is still valid. If no valid card is found on file, Auto-fill cannot be enabled without updating the current card on file. For more help, please contact
  • Fixed an issue with how new Verified use-cases were being invoiced.


  • Fixed an issue where the total Audience count would not always be up to date by Step 3 without refreshing the page
  • Upgraded the Broadcast API to use our latest algorithm for streaming contacts to a broadcast. Syntax remains the same.
  • Improved Broadcast API streaming capabilities to decrease latency when uploading contacts for faster broadcast creation and faster time-to-publish via our API.
  • Fixed issue causing issues with very large batches of contacts via the Broadcast API / List View Broadcasting (as well as other mechanisms for mass tagging contacts). Streaming large sets of contacts to the Broadcast API , as well as large bulk actions that tag contacts should be much smoother.


  • When Assign on Reply setting is enabled, outbound calls will now assign unassigned conversations to the caller. Previously, only outbound messages would assign conversations in this manner.
  • Fixed an issue where double assignment could occur for Closed conversations.
  • Fixed a bug where embedded variables would not appear in the dropdown menu when viewing conversations in certain inboxes
  • Fixed issues with mass tagging contacts and mass adding contacts to broadcasts that could cause contacts to be excluded if the tag was created too quickly.
  • Viewing and downloading lists of users in the Organization MGMT section in very large organizations should now load much faster.
  • Fix for sending messages in inboxes that share more than one type of connectivity partner
  • Updates to our ToS regarding forbidden use-cases of our platform
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