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Bug Fixes

Aug 31, 2021

Tag Bugs 🪲

  • Fixed a bug where clicking a tag in the inbox would take you to contacts instead of filtering in the inbox, tags in the inbox should now filter the inbox and tags in the contacts page filter the contacts list

Inbox Bugs 🪲

  • Fixed a bug with the timestamp field that appeared when canceling scheduled messages
  • Fixed a bug where the incident info modal would appear twice
  • Fixed issue where message delivery status updates would push conversations up the list, even though no new event arrived in the thread
  • Fixed unassigning a convo and now always updates the dropdown
  • Fixed copy-pasting an image or other asset into the chat box to auto-send an MMS attachment
  • Fixed the inbox view and now the browser tab should specify the account you're looking at
  • Fixed issue where using a template with an MMS would not properly clear out the text in the chat
  • Fixed issue with the unaddressed count badge not updating properly

Survey Bugs 🪲

  • Fixed when $survey_shortcuts for multi-word survey keywords would not send the survey when embedded inside of messages
  • Fixed where question-less surveys would never inject the "final message" when embedded inside of other messages

Broadcast Bugs 🪲

  • Fixed various bugs resulting from combining broadcast filters, leading to inaccurate results
  • Fixed a bug where filtering by user would break the search
  • Fixed loading the broadcast list page to be much faster for heavy broadcasters
  • Fixed v4 plans to self-serve broadcast to audience sizes up to the limit of their total available balance without running into a ceiling (the estimate will take into account the organization's SMS rates to the United States)
  • Fixed enabling auto-fill to allow broadcasting to unlimited audience sizes until auto-fill fails and the balance is empty

Misc Bugs 🪲

  • Fixed broken links in our documentation and navigation bugs in our Salesforce Setup documentation
  • Fixed various gaps in our analytics pipeline when tracking conversions for our onboarding funnel
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