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Bugs, MessageBird, Salesforce, & API

Oct 25, 2022



  • Fixed an issue where the default country code would revert back to +1 after closing a widget
  • Fixed a similar issue where the greeting at the top of the widget would switch back to a default message instead of the customer’s custom header text
  • Enabling or disabling a widget properly prevents all interactions, including chats, submissions, etc. even if a user has access to the widget/form before the widget is disabled


  • Fixed the “Create Template” link in the templates submenu in the inbox, we’ve also moved the link to the top of the list of templates
  • Hovering your cursor over the “Users Viewing” should no longer flicker


We’ve revisited some of the integration with our partner MessageBird. For customers whose numbers are hosted on MB, we’ve made the following upgrades:

  • MessageBird numbers can now receive MMS
  • Fixed an issue where MessageBird numbers were not respecting a contact’s landline status
  • MessageBird infrastructure has been upgraded to support a single MessageBirdFlow that can cover multiple phone numbers while routing. This is nearly identical to setting up One-for-All a2p campaigns in Twilio.
    • For more context, see


Data Sync

  • We now unlink a record if we cannot find the corresponding Salesforce object. This allows for the Avochato Contact to self-correct itself, and then find or create a new SF record to be associated with. This in turn helps reduce a ton of redundant doomed-to-fail syncs triggered by inbound/outbound activity, Sync to Salesforce button, and more
  • Added the recursive prevention measures to limit the possible amount of API requests when retrying failed sync attempts.


  • API IP Whitelisting beta: organizations can specify a CSV of IP addresses. When set, only API requests originating from one of the whitelisted IP addresses will be honored — the rest will be ignored. This applies Zapier and all other 3rd party services that use the public facing Avochato API.
  • This does not impact requests from Avochato mobile and desktop apps, Slack, Salesforce, Teams, Okta
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      This is debuting as an admin-only feature and can be managed by Avochato staff on behalf of customers.

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