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Bulk Account Actions

November 3, 2020

NEW: Bulk Actions 📦

Bulk Actions have been added to the “Manage Organization” tab (Available for Owners of an organization or users that have “Org Management” permissions – Access this by clicking the person icon in the top right > Click Manage Organization).

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The new set of bulk actions allow you to duplicate all of the Templates, Surveys, Keywords, or Campaigns from one inbox to another.

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All four of these types of objects are uniquely identified by their activation keyword (or name). If there happen to be duplicate keywords in the destination account, all information will be overwritten with the settings in the source account.

NEW: Billing Portal 💵

Customers can now access a secure billing portal via the Billing Tab in Avochato. From the billing portal, customers have the ability to update their credit card information, see past invoices, and download invoices for record-keeping.

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