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Calls, Inboxes, and Organizations

Jul 8, 2022


Number of Rings

Users can choose the number of rings before a call goes to voicemail, controlling the amount of time customers have to respond to an incoming call.

Note: This is applicable to both call-forwarding and in-browser calling.

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  • Fixed an issue where conversations in bad states prevented the inbox from loading the list of conversations, and only showed grey bars
  • Fixed an issue where sorting by “Longest Wait Time” caused the second page of conversations to not load
  • Fixed an issue where sorting by “Longest Wait Time” and then switching to another sort type caused the app to crash and not load


  • Fixed an issue where inbound messages triggered browser notifications twice


  • New download buttons for org-wide Users, Reports, and Accounts
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  • Left-hand navigation has been updated to include new headers
  • Admins Only: Allow increasing pagination of Reports from 5 to 25 per page (under “Filters”)
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