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Oct 24, 2021


Contact Search

Search infrastructure has been updated for scalability.

  • We're replacing the old contact search index for performance. This is intended to offer the same functionality and syntax for existing features, while increasing throughput on the platform when processing new and existing contacts during CSV uploads, broadcasts, and more.

Website Widgets

We're updating widget onboarding to be more streamlined. Also, we are making some cosmetic changes for readability. Finally, we added more links to FAQdocumentation and help center articles.

  • Added various in-app links to documentation regarding advanced widget configurations and settings
  • Fixed some bugs relating to how widgets would appear, including updates to drop-shadow, font and background color combinations that were difficult to read, and other design issues that could occur in widgets. Specifically:
    • Widget appearance
      • We are reverting a change that added a default text-shadow to all new widgets, which is now an optional setting per widget using the shadow_enabled flag. This change was originally made in order to make white text on white backgrounds more visible, which was most obvious on the "Hard Close" menu but also apparent in certain color combinations.
      • Fixed a css collision with other dropdown select menus
    • Hard-closing Conversations
      • In the "Close Conversation" menu, the "Yes" option should always use the inverse color of the adjacent "No" button (previously you could set text color to white, but background was always white, leading to white on white. This should be a good compromise)
      • Adjusted height of the "hard close" menu to preserve the widget's height when switching screens.
    • Widget Onboarding
      • When first creating a new widget, we're now hiding some of the more advanced options until later in the funnel.
      • Fixed a couple issues with the widget preview not matching reality
    • Widgets list page
      • On the Widgets List page, we now show the "true" shape, border, and color of the widget icon (square, icon background color for transparent icons).
      • Widget list items now have a slight color change for "active" widgets to make them more obvious.

Slack Integration

We're properly pay-walling our Slack integration.

  • We're fixing a long-standing issue where customers are able to sign up for slack during a trial then continue using it after "downgrading" to a lite plan. Trials are fully-featured, so they can continue using Slack until the trial ends.
    • V4 Lite plans will get an error about upgrading when sending messages from Slack with. Other generations are not impacted by this change.

      "Slack Enabled" flag can be configured for any customers that we want to manually enable Slack for out of the box.

Custom Fields

You can now duplicate the Custom Field schema from one account to another

  • Account owners can now bulk copy the entire schema of Contact fields from one account to another. to the list of available bulk actions when copying data from one inbox to another. This will copy all fields and their properties from the source account to the target account.

Bug Fixes


  • Attempt to resolve some long-standing issues with potential duplicates in the inbox that could occur when performing advanced searched and infinite scrolling.
  • Fixed an issue with conversations appearing out of the active order of the inbox
  • Performance improvements when personalizing messages for accounts that have many custom variables.


  • Anytime a SF case is created via our Avo4SF service cloud integration, we should attempt to scan Salesforce to find the contact and/or account related to the case (based on phone & email when the email option is selected in their integration settings)
  • "Other Phone" field (which is populated by live chat form submissions, by default) will now be used to lookup associated records when syncing live chat cases, activities, and contact info when no other email or phone matches are detected in Salesforce.
  • Fixed a bug when syncing records that contained empty values to salesforce
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