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Disposition Analytics + Bug Fixes

September 15, 2020

NEW: Disposition Analytics

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  • The results of post-chat surveys can now be viewed in the Analytics tab under “Disposition”.
  • Post-Chat Survey results can be downloaded in .csv format.


  • A “Default Broadcast Channel” can now be specified within Conversation Management. This new option specifies whether or not to prioritize the WhatsApp channel over SMS when broadcasting to a Contact that does not have an open conversation. For Contacts with non-closed conversations, we’ll send the broadcast message via the most recently created conversation’s channel.
  • Broadcast names now appear on their corresponding Broadcast Summary page.
  • Broadcast names also appear next to the timestamp of each message in the conversation (via broadcast “My Awesome Broadcast”).
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  • Campaign step intervals can now be set to “seconds” for even more granular messaging in-between steps.
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  • A Contact Owner column has been added to the Contacts list, which displays the email of the user assigned to a contact, or unassigned when there is no owner.
    • Clicking the value will filter the list.
  • You can now update the owner using a “owner” column in a CSV or “owner” field name in the API and pass the ID or Email of the new owner.
    • Updating the Contact Owner will reassign all open conversations to the new user.
    • The sample Contact Import CSV file has been updated to reflect this new column.
  • Updated some grammar/pluralization in the Contact Uploads list
  • Fixed a bug where our proprietary phone number country code assumption algorithm would return the wrong phone number for certain multi-digit international country codes.

Bug Fixes: Inbox

  • Fixed a visual issue where timestamps for outbounds would fade in more than once.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the Avo Number link at the top of our header would cause iPad minis to crash.
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