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End of Q1’22 Polish

Apr 1, 2022



Call UI | Accepting an inbound call or interacting with the phone call popup widget will no longer dismiss the active conversation in the Wide inbox.

Billing | We have removed being able to view the Account Balance for users who do not have Billing permissions enabled. Users with billing permissions will continue to see the Account Balance and navigate to the Billing tab. Note: Navigate to the Invite Users tab under “Actions” to grant Billing permissions to team members of the inbox.

Contacts | New Contacts created by users will no longer be saved by default as “New Contact”. Instead, the name field will be left blank and API payloads will show an empty string instead of “New Contact.” All existing contact name behaviors will remain the same. Note: Any existing contacts whose name is still “New Contact” will be untouched.

Salesforce | We have updated the navigation mechanism when clicking on the Salesforce button while inside of the Avochato Salesforce widget.

If you are using the Avochato widget inside of Salesforce, these buttons will navigate Salesforce to a corresponding record while leaving the Avochato widget on the same conversation. If you’re using Avochato in regular browser tab, clicking this button will open a new tab of the Salesforce record.

Notion image


  • Fixed an issue where hovering over the icon for an inbox would cause the tooltip containing the name of the inbox to appear much lower on the screen than intended after you scrolled down the page. This should make it easier to read the list of inboxes, if the list is long.
  • Fixed copying phone numbers using the “Copy Phone Number” option in the inbox, including international numbers
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