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Gartner, Broadcasts, & Bug fixes

Sep 30, 2022

Homepage: Gartner Report


New users can now get an email containing our mention in the Gartner Cool Vendor Report by filling out our free trial flow.

Badges and links have been updated to reflect this mention.

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Broadcasts Updates

  • We’ve added an example CSV link on the upload UI, users are also able to download the sample file. In addition, there is now a link to our Help Center article on broadcasting.
  • An MMS will now appear after the SMS, to reflect the order in which we try to deliver segments for broadcasts that contain both an SMS and an MMS.

Inbox Bug fixes

  • The red underline for spellcheck will now appear above the fold of the textbox when a word is misspelled.
  • Full vents in the conversation feed are now always visible, in all cases. Previously, timestamps or entire parts of the event would be shown only partially in the UI.

Salesforce Bug fixes

  • When syncing Users to Salesforce, we now prioritize syncing Standard user types who are marked as IsActive in Salesforce. Previously, it was possible to sync the salesforce IDs of Guest type users and inactive users when there were additional users all sharing the same email. This made it difficult for some users to properly sync their identity to Avochato, which led to issues syncing tasks or owner IDs in their name.

Widgets Bug fixes

  • The +1 country code in the widget Phone input field code is now replaced by whatever default country code is specified in the admin panel. Previously, it was always hardcoded as +1 regardless of whether we customized the default country code.
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