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Inbox, Broadcasts, & Account Bug Fixes

Feb 3, 2023

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where messages with MMS attachments could appear cut off in the conversation feed
  • Updated the Note icon in the conversation view
  • Fixed an issue where a conversation could be assigned more than once in a short window
  • Fixed various crashes that could happen in the inbox
  • Added Contacts support for a set of recent new area codes


  • Fixed an issue that prevented completed broadcasts from showing up in the list

Account MGMT

  • When removing users, the Seats Used count should update accurately even if those users belong to other organizations.
  • Fixed issues with alignment in the upgrade billing page on certain screen sizes
  • Fixed an issue that would crash the app when selecting a low-volume use-case in the Verification flow
  • Fixed alignment issues for certain form factors when filling out the account cancellation flow, and properly provide feedback when we fail to automatically cancel an account
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