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Inbox, Salesforce, & Website Widget Updates

Sept 29, 2023



  • Updated the Broadcast API docs to reflect some existing but undocumented capabilities, including the default broadcast list API route
    • Added examples for the general /broadcasts API route which lists all broadcasts in the target inbox.
    • Added examples for filtering the broadcast list to only show broadcasts created in a specific date range.
  • A handful of updates to the Organization-wide Broadcast list:
    • Fixed a bug where the list was not always sorted chronologically by Broadcast creation date.
    • Each Broadcast ID shortcut now properly links to the most recent broadcast experience (if enabled for the broadcast’s inbox).
    • Added the Broadcast name, for clarity.
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We’ve updated the “Disposition” survey UI to better match the rest of the inbox UI.



  • Added full search capabilities for various static contact fields including:
    • muted, landline, blocked, double_opted_in
      • Ex: blocked: false AND muted: true

Skill Routing

Skill routing has received some quality of life improvements to make it easier to configure and perform consistently:

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  • You can now configure each inbox to route to agents that have at least one corresponding skill tag on a conversation.
    • By default, an agent has to have each corresponding skill on the conversation to be eligible for skill routing, but there are some cases where this becomes impossible as more skill tags accumulate on the contact or conversation.

  • Skills now appear on the auto assignment roster to give managers a sense of which active users have which skills
  • Skill routing and other settings copy has been updated for clarity


NOTE: This feature will release the week of Oct 1.

  • 📝 New feature: Sync messages transcript into a single SF task
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    • A new options to sync all messages at end of day into a single SF task transcript (similar to how we do the conversation transcript for SF Cases)
      • This is a great alternative to the normal real-time sync of every Inbound / Outbound message - it saves on API callouts (very significantly for high-volume customers) and it doesn’t crowd the SF Activity Timeline

Website Widgets

We’ve added significant ADA accessibility support for all Avochato chat widgets:

  • Opening the widget will now focus the widget form immediately
  • Website widgets are now fully compatible for mouse-less users! You can initiate and conduct an entire live chat without ever moving your hands off the keyboard. The widget now appears in the tab hierarchy along with other components of the web page, and all interactive buttons can properly be cycled through using “tab”. Widgets can be opened and closed with the spacebar, and various buttons such as the X and Mute buttons can be used with the spacebar as well.
  • New support for screen readers, including updates for the chat feed, labels for buttons and icons, as well as reordering some elements to be more logical when read aloud by the screen reader. Timestamps and other distracting elements in the live chat feed are now skipped by the screen reader.

We’ve made some adjustments to the list of website widgets in the settings page, including:

  • Users can globally disable or re-enable specific widgets via the Go Live page.
  • Disabling a widget will prevent the javascript snippet from rendering the widget on any site that it currently resides on. Widgets can be globally enabled or disabled instantly at any time.
    • Note: We still recommend removing the Avochato widget javascript from any pages that are no longer intended to serve the widget.
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  • Disabled widgets will appear at the end of the list (and now have an indicator that they are disabled)
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  • Widget capabilities are now included in the list to indicate which widgets are used for SMS vs Live Chat (or both!)
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  • Some updates to copy and new help center articles, especially around dropdown menu creation and data options
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