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Live Chat + SMS

May 26, 2020

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  • *AvoChat has arrived!** Combine the live chat functionality to the Avochato Website Widgets all feeding into the Live Inbox.
  • Widgets have a new default appearance, with sleeker headers, transitions and conversation animations
    • New widgets will default to this experience regardless of account or organization status.
    • On mobile, the live chat conversation screen of the widget will now use the full height of the device. Note: If you are upgrading a legacy widget to use the new ui (see below), using this mobile full-screen feature requires re-embedding the widget javascript snippet.
  • All new widgets now have a new mandatory checkbox for TCPA compliance when “Text With Avo” experience is enabled.
    • This update does not apply to “original” website widgets (created pre-2020) which only have disclaimer text, not a checkbox.
    • Disclaimer text can be customized per widget.
    • Checkbox must be clicked in order to proceed to submit the widget and receive a text message. Phone number is also required before the SMS button can be clicked.
    • Any account can now Enable Live Chat in the Widget Settings page. However, only users with a Live Chat Seat assigned to them can respond to live chat conversations. Navigate to the Billing tab in Avochato to purchase additional seats.
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