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May 5, 2023

What’s New -

We’ve launched a new site to track new releases, separate from our help center docs. Follow along for more updates.

Looker Analytics

  • Upgraded to use the new Looker API endpoint version
  • CSV downloads per graph have been added
  • Dispositions have moved to their own tab and its time range selector upgraded
  • Fixed an issue with “last week” and “last month” date selectors
  • Now uses the current user’s timezone to orient their graphs, but Pacific time (PST) is used if no timezone is determined

A2P Verification

  • Fixed a bug for accounts trying to setup A2P verification when their inbox did not have an Avochato number yet
  • Accounts without phone numbers can no longer be selected when trying to sync to a use case
  • Accounts without a phone number will not show up as an option to unsync

Marketing Cloud

  • The Auth ID used for the Marketing Cloud integration is now visible when configuring a marketing cloud journey step


  • You can now properly search tickets by their creation timestamps.
    • Use the optional created_at[from] and created_at[to] parameters to search for tickets created in that timeframe

  • Fixed an issue where a contact’s company name field was not searchable using a partial match.


  • Fixed a bug that would spam re-authentication requests when call tokens expired instead of using exponential backoff. This caused browser sessions to begin making a significant number of web requests in perpetuity — this fix should dramatically reduce network overhead for long-running browser tabs.
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