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Marketing Cloud & Billing

Jan 13, 2022

Marketing Cloud

  • We’ve added a version indicator in Marketing Cloud to indicate upgrades moving forward.
  • You can now automatically tag the contact (and message) sent by a Marketing Cloud Journey step (note: use commas to apply multiple different tags at once).
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  • v4 customers can now re-subscribe on their own! Previously, customers had to be manually reactivated by an Avochato rep. This will make it easier for customers to re-engage with Avochato!
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  • We’ve added a pop-up to inform customers that they are purchasing fewer seats than the number of users who currently have access to their account. We want users to be very aware that they are purchasing fewer seats, especially if they have already invited more users than they purchased seats for.
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Low Balance Notifications

  • New email templates are sent out as users approach a net 0 account balance (note: notifications are not sent if the balance is covered by auto-fill). Emails only trigger once every 3 days.
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  • These email notifications can be toggled off inside the Billing Page and do not require auto-fill in order to work.
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