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Marketing Cloud + Spell Check

August 24, 2020

NEW: Avochato for Marketing Cloud (beta)

JourneyBuilder support has arrived — Customers can connect Marketing Cloud to Avochato and begin sending dynamic text messages from their Avochato numbers at every stage of a customer journey!

Features include:

  • Avochato Messages can be scheduled based on Journey milestones
  • Users can select an inbox from a list in order to send a message from a different inbox at different stages of the journey
  • Messages can contain any custom fields or variables, including Avochato Campaigns or Surveys.

Note, Avochato for Marketing Cloud is currently a manual setup — please reach out to our team to fast-track getting started.


The enhanced Avochato chatbox now supports spellcheck. A red underline will appear beneath misspelled words. Spellcheck will be enabled for new users by default, but existing users will not be grandfathered in.

Notion image

This feature can be turned on within the user profile menu (person icon in top right). This new spellcheck plays nice with the embedded variables (seen above) and template hotkeys!

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Avochato for Salesforce

Attention Avochato for Salesforce users! If a Salesforce record has no known Avochato conversation but has a valid Name and Phone field, the Avochato for Salesforce widget will display a “New Conversation” button. When you click this button, it will pre-populate the Name and Phone field without requiring any typing.


  • The Tags list in the Settings page now indicates whether a tag has Skill Routing enabled.
  • A tag attached to more than 1,000 records now has a trailing “+”, indicating that 1,000 is not an absolute ceiling.
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