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Marketing Cloud, API, & Bug Fixes

Sep 8, 2022

Marketing Cloud

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Avochato for Marketing Cloud has reached 1.0! The listing is live and users can self-serve into the installation process via the AppExchange.

We’ve added Marketing Cloud-specific rates to the Pricing page.

Bug Fixes

Inbox: Updated the incident button and modal UI to be in line with our current style guide and fixed an issue where the Incident modal couldn’t be dismissed after opening it

Conversations: Fixed an issue where jumping to a conversation from a push notification would sometimes cause navigation issues if you were last in a different inbox.

Message Logs: Fixed the Opt Out Instruction column so that it is now properly included in the CSV file when downloading message logs.

Billing & Organization Management: v4 customers will no longer see deprecated content in the “Organization” section, including segments and inaccurate subscription timestamps from legacy billing data.

API Updates & Bug Fixes

  • New tag_details field has been added to our Contacts API, which includes a list of tags and their respective name and color used by the inbox. Note: A tag’s color can be customized under Settings > Tags.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented sending messages via WhatsApp: now any message sent via our Messages API to a whatsapp:+1234567890 contact will properly send outbound.
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