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Media Templates

May 18, 2020

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NEW: Media Templates

Media Templates have arrived! Media templates are templates over MMS.

  • You can now add an attachment to a template. Upload a file to a template under Settings > Templates to turn it into a Media Template. If you send a template shortcut from anywhere using $template_keyword, Avochato will send the template and the attachment automatically.
  • Media templates can be used throughout Avochato (anywhere you can use a regular template) including Auto-Responses, KeywordsBroadcasts, and more. Moving forward, the ideal way to send reusable media through automation like an Auto Response or Keyword is to simply set the auto-response to be the $template_keyword for a Media Template.
  • A Media Template attachment is sent separately as an MMS and costs one additional segment per message, similar to MMS Broadcasting.
  • Media Templates are limited to one attachment per template.
  • Media Templates support all standard MMS file types including jpeg, png, gif, svg, pdf, vcard
  • Search has been added to the Template Settings page
  • A Template can now consist of just an attachment (i.e. an image, vcard, or pdf, with no additional text required)

NEW: Outbound-initiated Surveys

  • Surveys now have their own magic shortcuts, similar to Campaigns, Templates and Custom Fields. Note: Templates can contain $survey shortcuts, and survey questions can contain $template shortcuts if you want to get fancy and mix-and-match.
  • You can now initiate an outbound survey by sending $survey_keyword to a Contact. The survey shortcut will automagically start the survey and ask the first question.

NEW: Custom Fields in the Contacts List

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  • Custom Field support has been added to the Contacts List. To add a custom field to your Contacts List, visit Settings > Custom Fields and click on a custom field, then toggle “Show As Column in Contacts List”. The field will appear as a new column.
  • Click on a value for a given contact in the contact list and the list will filter on all contacts with that value for that field.
  • The Contact List header now stays in place while you scroll for easier navigation

New Zapier Trigger Events – Opt In, Opt Out

You can now find updated Zapier triggers for new events:

  • Contact Opt In
  • Contact Opt Out

These triggers will setup a Zap using the new Account Opt in / Opt Out Webhooks. This is ideal for customers who are trying to sync Opt Outs to other systems or trigger custom automation the moment a contact “opts in”. These are triggered by either a text (“STOP”, “START”, custom opt in or opt out keywords) or an Avochato user using the Opt In / Opt Out buttons via the Interface.

Broadcasts – Default Conversations to Unassigned (optional)

This setting is Account-wide and can be found under Settings > Conversation Management.

When enabled, any conversation created or touched by a broadcast will be left unassigned. This should happen for both tickets that are created by the broadcast and pre-existing tickets that were already unassigned. The current default experience is to automatically assign conversations to available members of the auto-assignment roster the moment the broadcast message is delivered.

Keywords – Trigger during Office Hours Only (optional)

This setting is Keyword-specific and can be found under Settings > Keywords > Edit Keyword. Enable this setting to prevent a specific keyword from sending the response while your office is closed. Note: The keyword’s tag will still be applied, if it has one.

The ideal use case is for customers who want their end-users to receive their generic after-hours reply when customers try to engage their keywords and no one is available.

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