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New AvoAI features: Bot Hours of Operation, Automatic Sentiment Analysis

April 22, 2024

AvoAI Assistant: Hours of Operations

You asked for it, and here it is! You can now control if/when your AvoAI Assistant will reply to end users based on the time of day and your inbox’s Office Hours. By default, AvoAI assistants will respond during all hours in conversations that they are assigned to:

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AvoAI Assistants can now be configured to only respond during your Office Hours, or conversely, only outside of your office hours. This is helpful if your business is new to AvoAI and you want to explore how accurate the assistant can be without getting in the way of your team’s workflows during hours. By setting it to “Respond only outside office hours” your assistant will only engage with end users outside of the specified office hours, ideally providing better support than it would if no one is online to respond:

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Note: If an inbox has no Office Hours configured, any time of day is considered to be “during office hours” for that inbox. For example, if you have no Office Hours configured, and you choose the “Respond only outside hours” option, the assistant will not respond. Office Hours can be configured per day of the week, per inbox. Click here to learn more about Office Hours.

The AvoAI assistant can be trained with data to help it provide the best possible guidance to your end users. In the example below, the assistant responds in after hours depending on the time zone of your business operations. With the AvoAI Sentiment Refresh feature, you can also track sentiment across conversations automatically. Keep reading below to learn more!

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AvoAI Agent Assist: Automatic Sentiment Analysis

Avochato can now compute the Agent Assist Sentiment on a recurring basis for each of your active conversations (versus manually clicking the button every time in the Agent Assist side panel console). These refresh periods currently include: Every day, every 3 days, and every 7 days.

To enable this in an inbox, head to the Automation tab → Agent Assist → Sentiment Refresh → Select one of the dropdown menu options.

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Note: This feature is off by default. Conversations that have not had activity since the last sentiment refresh was generated will be excluded when re-computing the sentiment of your inbox. Conversations that have not had at least 3 inbounds since its last sentiment computation will also be excluded, even if there was recent activity. At the moment as part of the Beta, sentiment analysis is limited to 10 conversations per refresh period.

With this feature enabled, you will notice sentiment scores for recent conversations that meet the criteria in the note above. As the Beta feature is further developed, more customizations will become available. For the example shown above, you’ll see the score listed in both the conversation itself and in all 3 inbox views: Classic, Compact, and Wide Mode.

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