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New Broadcasting

Aug 12, 2022

New Broadcasting

Our new Broadcasting is now live for brand new customers and new inboxes! We will continue rolling out this new Broadcasting to existing customers over the course of the month.

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The Broadcast List

We’ve overhauled the broadcast list in a number of ways:

  • A “Learn More” section has been added including basic tutorials, example, tips and tricks.
  • Counts of broadcasts in various stages are based on the current date range, not the all-time count for that section.
  • Broadcast Summary: Clicking on a broadcast opens a preview tab in the right side of the app.
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  • Completed broadcasts have a brand new summary including familiar stats and shortcuts, as well as the cost estimate of the broadcast, excluding fees.
  • Bulk Actions We’ve added selection to apply bulk actions to a list of broadcasts, including to mass-delete drafts.
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  • Filters have been combined into a single menu and sort has received a cosmetic update. Sort now includes options for sorting by broadcast name alphabetically.
  • Draft broadcasts are editable from the tab and include a shortcut to clean up the broadcast.
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Creating a Broadcast

  • A new Terms of Service modal will appear to brand new users. Users must accept the Terms of Service in order to start broadcasting, which includes blacklisted use-cases and an explanation of consent for sending broadcasts to contacts.
  • We now estimate the cost of a broadcast in real time (if applicable, custom rates are used in the calculator) based on the number of SMS and MMS segments, and provide a summary with an estimated cost before publishing a broadcast.

Draft a Message

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  • Our character counter has been combined with a cost estimator based on the messaging rate of the inbox.
  • Scheduling is now part of step 1 — users can set their broadcasts to send now or schedule it for later.
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  • We’ve combined the preview from step 3 with the draft box on step 1, which will update as you type out your broadcast.

Select Audience

  • Audiences can be created the same way as before — either through individual input; mass-uploads via CSV; bulk addition using queries on contact owner, custom fields, or tags; or every contact at once.
  • Contact tags have been added to the Audience list summary — you should see each contact’s tags (and their custom color, if there is one) in the list view.
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  • Broadcasts now properly wait to send until a broadcast is fully completed adding contacts to the broadcast.
  • Users are again able to create a brand new contact when adding via Name or Number.
  • Every action taken to change the audience is now logged under “Audience Logs”. Users can see how they historically created a broadcast, and the progress of each upload action.
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Review + Publish

  • Users now get a breakdown of their broadcast before sending.
  • Only Admin and users with billing permissions will be able to see the “Estimated Cost” table breakdown.
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