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New Look, Salesforce, & Broadcasts

Aug 19, 2021

New Homepage 🥑 got a huge face-lift. Check it out!

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Updated customer logos: more like, who's not using Avochato? 😉

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Updated case studies and FAQs

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Salesforce ☁️

We've made updates to syncing events to Salesforce records that are associated with both an Account and another primary record like Contact or Lead. If we have an Account record in addition to a primary record type, we will sync activities to both. Our default behavior searching and syncing to a primary record remains the same.

Broadcasts 🎙️

Broadcasting is now a paid feature for Standard plans. Customers who currently have broadcasts enabled can continue to broadcast while they remain on legacy tiers.

Private inboxes no longer show members the full user list under the "Created By" filter menu. Instead, it defaults to always filter by the member viewing the broadcast list (Note: managers still see the full list and can filter on whoever they please).

We have added a link to Refresh Stats per broadcast. This allows you to fetch updates without refreshing the entire page.

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Broadcast filter tabs now show the count of broadcasts in that tab within the selected time range.

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