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New Plans & Billing

Aug 19, 2021

New Plans 📋

A new generation of seat-based pricing tiers is now available!

Notable changes to subscriptions include:

  • Trials now last up to 14 days! Converting to a paid plan will end your trial.
  • Customers now purchase Account Balance over time to continue sending texts or making calls within their pay period. Account balance rolls over and is used to pay for usage of messages, calls, and carrier fees.
  • Lower messaging rates out of the box and the cost of messages per month or per year has been removed from new plans for a pay-as-you-go experience.
  • 1 seat minimum: customers pay flat rates for seats, and a flat platform fee for access to standard features (in addition to Account Balance to cover the cost of call minutes, messages, etc).
  • Broadcasting is now only available on Standard tiers and above, existing customers are unaffected.
  • For v4 customers, Messages and fees deduct directly from account balance.
  • All segment rules still apply to the cost of a given message (sending large messages or messages with emoji etc will deduct from the account balance based on the cost of sending many segments). So, sending a big broadcast to many people will rapidly deplete your balance. However, if you have auto-fill turned on, you never have to worry about running out of segments.
  • Message rates can be configured per customer by admins within the app — this includes pre-negotiated rates for international countries as well as fees and other costs associated with messaging. Contact engineering for more info.


  • An automated top-up mechanism for your account balance, which can be configured to "refill" a balance automatically when it gets low. Customers can still buy packages of ala carte messages as well.
    • Ideally we get 100% of customers on this mechanism but it is optional — expect updated onboarding to drive adoption in the future. This is effectively the replacement for our (previously mandatory) monthly fees.

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Older generations are still supported and can migrate to v4 if necessary.

No changes to the structure of older generations — rates, segments, and all existing overage mechanisms remain as usual.

For customers who want to migrate

Customers must fully migrate to the new pricing tiers to take advantage of their features (such as single-seat billing), which will mean they lose older features they may have been grandfathered into (like broadcasting for lite plans).

Usage Analytics

  • We've added new options to the cancellation menu
  • We've overhauled the billing page for v4 customers, including new analytics on how you are spending your account balance
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Billing 💵

Other billing changes

Notable changes to older generations (as well as the latest pricing tiers) includes:

  • Churned customers will still be able to use Avochato through the end of their current pay period. Previously, access to paid features was shut off instantly when a customer self-served out of their plan.

Updated Pricing page

New plans are reflected on the pricing page, with dynamic scalars for number of users.

Paying upfront for more users will net you a bonus account balance when you sign up.

Paying annually will net you a discount.

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We've added an FAQ as well as a calculator for customers to educate themselves and estimate their potential spend.

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Messaging Rates page is publically available for the first time. This includes our sticker price fees for messages, calls, etc.

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