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Organization-Wide Analytics & Broadcast Summary Shortcuts

February 22, 2021

NEW: Organization-wide Stats for Analytics📊

Managers and Admins can now generate org-wide analytics and download org-wide stats for the following charts.

This new aggregation method is available for Total Activity, Team Activity, and User Activity metrics and is intended for teams with many inboxes.

Notion image

UPDATE: Broadcast Summary Shortcuts 😎

All the shortcuts on the broadcast summary page have been broken down into pairs of explicit links to either “View Contacts” or “View Inbox”. These links will take the user to a filtered version of the Contacts or Inbox pages, respectively.

This should make it easier for customers to segment their audience and go to the right section of the app. Previously, all shortcuts on the summary page linked to the inbox.

UPDATE: Broadcast “Send A Test” Button ✍🏽

A new button has been added to the Broadcast publish page. This lets the broadcaster send themselves a preview of their broadcast to see what the end user’s experience will be like without needing to add themselves to the broadcast.

Notion image

Note: sending this sample text will not create a conversation in the inbox, will not create a contact, and will not trigger any automation. A test message is sent to your device and any segments used will not go against your allotment.

SALESFORCE: Preferred Name and Phone Fields

Configure the Avochato widget to look for conversations in Avochato that exactly match a preferred field on the record you’re looking at. This is useful when there are many types of phone number fields on the record and you only care about one of them.

SALESFORCE: Utility Bar Notification Count 🔔

The utility bar now keeps a tally of unaddressed conversations in real time.

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