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Platform Upgrades

May 20, 2022


Sender ID and Opt-Out Compliance Templates

  • Avochato will now wait up to one week since the last inbound or outbound activity before a contact is eligible to receive the Sender ID and Opt-Out instructions. This update to our compliance policy is intended to honor the conversational nature of inbound-driven conversations and replies.
  • Conversations that begin with a cold outbound messages will still append the Sender ID and Opt-Out template if the contact is outside of the 30 day window to receive the template.


We have made performance improvements in the inbox:

  • The “New Conversation” flow has been upgraded
    • Fixed an issue where “No IDs to Show” would prevent you from interacting with a brand new conversation (primarily on mobile)
    • Typing / auto-completing phone numbers and names should perform better on lower network connectivity
  • Added an “old_owner” attribute to Owner Change events in the conversation feed, which references the previous owner of the conversation

Inbox Bugs

  • Fixed an issue where the Compact inbox would scroll horizontally because of a long tag
  • Fixed the size of some inbox icons on smaller form-factors
  • Fixed an issue where the Opt-Out template and Sender ID were appearing inside the helper text of embedded variables when using the chatbox


  • Text shadow no longer the default option for the widget header and buttons
  • Fixed an issue with the height of the widget in preview mode
  • Cosmetic updates to border radius and form elements

Avochato for Android

  • Fixed an issue that could crash the app upon opening
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