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Dec 3, 2021

Registration: Split signup into two pieces

We've overhauled the /freetrial and /signup pages to have a newer look and feel.

The new flow of screens for new customers is as follows:

1) Give us name, email, and company name and size. Agree to ToS.

2) Give us your mobile number

3) Enter the verification code

4) Pick your new Avochato number

5) You're in! onwards to onboarding checklist

Mobile phone validation has been moved as a secondary step when registering a brand new Avochato account.

Notion image

Users who fill out this form get taken to the new "Whats your number" page, which will ask for a mobile phone number, and then validate that number with a text - just like our previous flow.

Notion image

Billing Automation & Salesforce Opps

New Biz vs Renewal subscriptions

  • Avo_Subscription_Opp__c field has been added to Opportunities in salesforce. This will be used to specify the opportunities that represent the subscription for a given customer (As opposed to one-off invoices for other charges, products, etc)
  • We've adjusted the rules for how we categorize Auto-generated Opportunity types:
    • Manual: One-time invoices now default to "Add-on" opportunity type. Previously, they were assumed to be "Renewal"
    • Renewal: Incoming invoices for subscriptions in orgs that already have a paid plan will now be marked as "Renewal".
    • New Business: All invoices for subscriptions for organizations that don't have a paid plan yet will be marked as "New Business" when the customer signs up. Previously, everything having to do with subscriptions was treated as new business.
    • Unknown: We now have a catchall "Unknown" Opp type for cases we can't quite figure out what to do with. This is intentional so we can track down edge cases.
  • Our automation is now a little smarter when we try to find and update existing subscription Opportunities. It now checks for open opps that either:
    • 1) have a matching price

      2) satisfy Avo_Subscription_Opp__c = true AND Type in ('New Business','Renewal','Upsell')

      This change is intended to make finding subscriptions more accurate so that we can close and auto-create new opps month-over-month and year-over-year, even when the amount paid changes over time.

Improved Custom / "Premium" Support:

Notion image

Creation, Adjustments, Renewals, and Upsells for these types of products should all "just work" even if we create new price-points for a specific customer or deal. You must use one of these two products in your invoice but any of the prices (including new ones) will sync to Salesforce just like any other v4 pricing tier.

Custom intervals for recurring line items within opportunities

We added Interval__c and Interval_Count__c fields which should properly account for different opportunity pay periods. Intervals can be one of. "month","year","day","week"


A monthly deal:

Interval__c = month and Interval_Count__c = 1

A quarterly deal:

Interval__c = month and Interval_Count__c = 3

Semi-annual deal:

Interval__c = month and Interval_Count__c = 6

Cancellation Process

We've identified and addressed major problems with our self-serve cancellation flow:

1) If you cancelled, you couldn't reactivate if you changed your mind

2) It wasn't obvious that your cancellation succeeded after we had processed it. Some people were cancelling multiple times just to make sure their card would not get charged.

The new cancellation flow begins as usual: click "Cancel" at the bottom of the billing page and fill out our form. We also provide a shortcut to open the Chat Widget so you can discuss this with an agent before you commit to cancelling.

Notion image

After filling out the initial form, you now see a more cohesive confirmation modal with a breakdown with copy about the features we will deactivate and the timeline of your subscription.

Notion image

Once you Confirm and Cancel, we show a confirmation modal and reiterate your subscription termination deadline.

Notion image

From then on, Users will see UI like this with a reactivation button until the deadline.

Notion image

You can un-cancel anytime before that date and your account is back to normal, instantly. The subscription billing date, opportunity type and amount, account feature flags, everything will be untouched as if you never tried to cancel. Users will see this, and can cancel again in the future just like normal.

Notion image

Note that after we process your cancellation at the end of your current pay period, it's too late to reactivate self-serve! This process (contact support to re-setup subscription) has not changed.

Bug Fixes

MRR + SF Opportunities

  • Fixed an issue where add-ons could be significantly overcounted in Salesforce
  • Line item discounts can now be tracked properly: within a given invoice, discounting segments for example will properly flow through to Salesforce opportunity without applying the discount to all other line items.



Fixed an issue where searching the inbox or contact lists using OR statements was not truly “or”: searches like tags:red OR tags:blue will no longer require matching on the first search term.


We have overhauled how we negate searches that include logical operators AND and OR, which could cause complications if they were chained together with NOT operators sprinkled in.

Inbox filters that utilized these states under-the-hood should be more accurate with their results (ie. NOT tags:churned , name:chris AND NOT tags:current_customer should be smarter with their results).

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