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Rekindling Conversations & Downloadable Call Logs

December 8, 2020

UPDATE: New Emojis πŸ€—

The in-app Emoji list has been updated to v13 including skin tones and the ever-in-demand πŸ₯‘ emoji. To use a skin tone, enter the emoji you want to modify, then the skin tone (ex: select πŸ€™ followed by the skin tone block).

NEW: Conversation Rekindling

Rekindling can be used to send automated messages (ex: β€œAre you still there?”) after periods of inactivity from the contact you are chatting with. This can be used with Live Chat, SMS, or WhatsApp. Note: Conversation rekindling is only triggered by messages sent by a human using the Avochato inbox in a one to one conversation. (Settings > Conversation MGMT).

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NEW: Contact Import Links πŸ’πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Shortcut links have been added to each CSV Import Summary. Click either link to view a filtered list of contacts that were created or updated by a given CSV import. This will provide customers the ability to retroactively manage lists of contacts created by CSV uploads.

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UPDATE: Salesforce Marketing Cloud ☁️

Added support for Merge Fields from the Marketing Cloud record associated with the Journey. Marketing Cloud Merge fields can be inserted using the %%FIELD_NAME%% syntax. Fields with no value field names will be removed from the message and treated as empty space.

UPDATE: Website Widget

Added the ability to customize the text in the widget header (Defaults to β€œHi, how can we help you?”). The widget β€œCustomize” page has had various settings reorganized to be more intuitive

NEW: Downloadable Call Logs ☎️

Added a download CSV button to the calls list. Click to download all calls matching the current filters on the page. Call download logs are similar to message logs and include various metadata including duration, voicemail URL (if any), to and from number, and timestamps. (Calls Tab)

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