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Rekindling Update & Agent-Based Office hours

February 2, 2021

NEW: Agent-Based Office Hours 🙋🏽

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Toggle this feature on and your office hours will be “Whenever any Agent in this inbox is Available”.

Note: In order to toggle availability, an agent needs to be part of the Auto-Assignment Roster. Users that are not on the roster (admins, etc) are excluded when using this feature to calculate if your team is “online”.

This feature overrides any existing office hours and is useful for distributed teams that do not work fixed schedules.

NEW: Widget Availability

Widgets can now be configured so that they consider themselves “Available” as long as Agents are Available in the inbox. This is useful for teams with live chat support that can only be accessed while the agents are available.

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This setting is uniquely configurable per-widget.

“During Office Hours” remains our default experience (i.e. the widget is considered available whenever your inbox is considered to be within Office Hours).

How you want your widget to appear when it is unavailable is up to you: some teams may only want to offer SMS when the team is unavailable, and some may want to offer no widget submissions at all (“Disabled”).

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UPDATE: Conversation Rekindling 🔁

Rekindling has gotten an upgrade!

Conversation Rekindling is officially available to all users.

To setup rekindling, visit Settings > Conversation MGMT and scroll down to the Rekindle Idle Conversations section.

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What is Rekindling?

Rekindling automates the act of sending a follow-up message to a contact you’re actively engaged with. Avochato sends an automated message of your choice after a threshold of time is reached since you last sent a message and never heard a response.

Rekindling only happens after messages sent by real users using the Avochato Dashboard — Outbound messages that were sent via Broadcasts, API, Auto-responses, Campaigns, and other automation do not trigger rekindling. Rekindling can be set up for each messaging ‘channel’ individually (SMS, Live Chat or WhatsApp).

UPDATE: CSV Upload History 🗒

The CSV upload history is now paginated. Users can go back in time to view older CSV upload events. Previously, we only showed the most recent 10 uploads.


  • Fixed an issue accounting for call segments which resulted in inaccurate or negative segments.
  • Fixed an issue where Pending Users could not be removed from an inbox.
  • Fixed an issue where you could search for contacts using the old tag name of a renamed tag. Now, contacts should be reindexed using the tag’s new name.
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