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Routable Tags

June 23, 2020

NEW: Skill Routing

  • Skill routing has arrived for all accounts. Skill routing allows you to match users with contacts or conversations based on matching tags. Learn more about how to set up and use Skill Routing here!
  • To turn on Skill Routing for a specific Inbox, go to “Settings > Conversation MGMT” and turn the “Enable Skill Routing” toggle on, then hit save. Toggle back off to disable routing via skill tags.
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Push Notifications

  • Our proprietary Push Notification delivery mechanism has been upgraded for enhanced deliverability. All existing push notification functionality and settings remain unchanged.
  • Push notifications are now delivered in real-time resulting in quick response time for our customers!

My Inbox

After clicking “My Inbox”, you can now properly uncheck “Unaddressed Only” without first having to deselect the sort option for “Longest Wait Time”. Avochato will automatically change the sort to “Most Recent” instead of “Longest Wait Time” when deselecting Unaddressed Only.

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