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Salesforce and Widget Updates, Sentiment Syncing

May 20, 2024

Website Widgets

Automatically Open after delay

You can now set a widget to pop open after an arbitrary delay of seconds without requiring a customer to click on it. For some customers, this may yield better conversions on landing pages where the target audience is unfamiliar with website widget behavior.

This setting is per-widget and does not require any coding or changes to the widget script to function, just turn it on in the widget Customize Appearance tab.

Widgets that have already been opened will not re-open after the user closes them. Widgets that have their dialogue bubble manually closed will also prevent being opened automatically.

Clicking the call-out bubble opens the widget

The call-out text that appears in the white dialogue bubble next to the widget icon is once again clickable. Clicking the bubble will open the widget, just as if you clicked on the widget icon. Clicking the little X will hide the dialogue bubble (as usual).


Avochato for Salesforce

AvoAI Sentiment Syncing

AvoAI Sentiment scores that were generated for a conversation in the Avochato inbox (either manually or automatically) will now sync to the associated Salesforce record. New fields have been added to the Avochato for Salesforce package to track these fields, including the score, sentiment summary, and suggested actions.

The sentiment summary is treated as a separate field from the “Avochato_summary__c” field which is populated when using the “AgentAssist Summarize” feature in the inbox.

Regenerating a more recent sentiment for an existing conversation will clobber any of the existing three sentiment fields.

Note: Requires v1.50 of our Avochato for Salesforce package to function properly.

Editing Contact Salesforce Values

The Salesforce Object ID and Salesforce Object Type fields have both been added to the Edit Contact form in the Avochato app. You can manually edit or delete these fields on a per-record basis (ex: the Contact synced to the wrong record due to improperly input data like an email field, or you know the exact Salesforce record you want to link an existing Contact to). After changing either of these fields, Avochato will temporarily pause contact syncing for that record and Salesforce.

API Usage Meter

We’ve added a rolling 24 hour window of API usage in the Salesforce Settings page for debugging purposes. This is an estimate based on the usage caused by various Avochato automations in your inbox that have interacted with Salesforce.

Sandbox button

Fixed an issue where the “Connect Sandbox” was using an outdated version of our salesforce app.


  • Fixed an issue where the next outbound call you make would instantly drop after you manually ended a previous call in the past 5 seconds


  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t proceed immediately to step 3 for a draft broadcast that previously had contacts added to it (ex: a draft that was made using one of the “recreate” shortcuts)
  • Fixed various alignment spacing issues with modal popups in the Broadcast flow on mobile devices


  • Fixed a bug where you’d get a white screen when navigating backwards in the inbox
  • Fixed an issue where the date and time calendar would not appear when scheduling a broadcast


  • When viewing the breakdown of balance used over time, the “To” and “From” date input fields now properly use the start and end of each of the selected dates (respectively), relative to the logged in user’s timezone
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