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Salesforce API & Bug Fixes

Jul 13, 2022


  • You can now pass a user’s ID or email via the send message API, then that message will be sent on behalf of the user
  • Avochato API keys now automatically sync to the associated Salesforce instance when generating new keys

Bug Fixes

Navigation and Account Visibility

  • Fixed the functionality of our Restricted Member Access security settings: links to Analytics, Integrations, Settings, and Invite Users have all been removed from the navigation for regular Members when “Restricted Member Access” is enabled (Note: This flag is on a per-account basis and is based on the membership status of the logged-in user)
  • Fixed an issue where some navigation links (such as Logs) were still being shown to Members, even though attempting to follow those links would redirect to the dashboard - any links that Members should not have access to will be removed from navigation


  • Fixed an issue where opt-out state was incorrect when navigating from conversation to conversation in the inbox
  • Fixed an issue where viewing an opted-out contact’s conversation would then show subsequent contacts as also opted-out
  • Fixed an issue where the inbox’s loading indicators could prevent interacting with conversations in the inbox


  • Fixed a navigation issue when viewing Survey statistics and navigating back to all Surveys, rendering JSON instead of HTML


  • Downloads of message logs now include a column for opt-out instructions, indicating if the message contained opt-out instructions or not

Avochato for iOS & Avochato for Android

  • Updated both apps to boot faster and the sizes are smaller to download
  • Fixed an issue where push notifications didn’t navigate to the correct conversation
  • Fixed various client-side states that would cause live updates or navigation to fail
  • Fixed an issue importing contacts from an Android device when using the “Upload Contacts” button
  • Fixed an issue where the iOS app would crash to a white screen after an extended period of time in the background
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