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Salesforce, Inbox, & A2P Updates

Oct 6, 2023


The new Sync Conversations Daily feature is now live under Integrations > Salesforce > Settings.

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  • This is a new option to sync all messages into a single daily transcript containing the inbound and outbound events. This replaces the real-time task syncing while enabled, and can dramatically reduce Salesforce API usage for high volume inboxes.
  • Transcript syncing is off by default, and new inboxes added to an organization still default to real-time task syncing.
  • Transcripts will sync at midnight (in the timezone of the inbox, configured under Settings > Office Hours) or immediately when a conversation is marked as “Closed”.
  • Only conversations that had inbound or outbound activity will create a transcript task for that day (similar to how we do the conversation transcript for SF Cases).



  • We removed the app link from the automated text message you get when signing up due to subsequent delivery issues it was causing for newly assigned toll-free numbers.


  • Landline status should properly reset to “false” whenever we receive an inbound text from a landline contact

A2P Verification

Launched in previous deploy:

  • Avochato no longer automatically un-syncs the numbers that are associated with a use-case that fails DCA2 approval. This could cause numbers to enter a state where it was difficult to add them to a verified use-case without waiting additional business days.
  • We’ve added more default metadata to subscriptions associated with Use-cases
  • Updated helper text when unsyncing a number from a use-case.
  • Fixed a bug where the Terms and Conditions checkbox was being treated as unchecked when updating an existing Use-case, causing form submission to always fail.

Launched in this deploy:

  • High throughput is now the default use-case, and low-volume use-cases are discouraged.
  • Vetting is no longer blocked on having a high-throughput use-case
  • Clicking the “Unsync Inbox” button now generates an auto-populated email. Copy for the Unsync Inbox modal has been updated to underscore the severity of unsyncing an inbox from its active use-case.
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