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Salesforce Integration Updates and Bug Fixes

March 15, 2021

Salesforce Updates πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • The salesforce_object_id and salesforce_object_type fields have been exposed via theΒ Contacts API. These fields can be set using the API for an individual or bulk set of contacts, and can also be updated en-masse using CSV upload. These optional fields will be returned in CSV downloads and when doing lookups via the API. Setting these fields will link the Contact with the chosen record based on the type and ID.
  • Salesforce Task Syncing behavior has been upgraded: Salesforce tasks will attempt to sync to both the WhoID and WhatID (the contact and the case/object/etc if it exists).
  • Added an option to lookup contacts via email when syncing Avochato to Salesforce. This is mainly intended for Live Chat contact records to sync to existing contacts in the linked salesforce account. All activities should sync as you’d expect. This setting can be enabled within the Integrations > Salesforce > Settings page.


  • Fixed an issue with the Broadcast cleanup mechanism and added more internal logging for various states as broadcasts queue, deliver, and complete their lifecycle.
  • Fixed an issue with long text in notes improperly wrapping in the notes panel
  • Fixed an issue with touch actions for MMS (touch-to-save, copy etc) on mobile. You should once again be able to touch and hold to perform actions on an MMS in the react inbox.
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