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July 23, 2021

Search Upgrades

Visually, nothing has changed...yet! We have upgraded search in hopes of faster, more accurate search results in all aspects of the app - from the Inbox, Contacts, Broadcasts, to Tags.

Clearing Custom Fields ✍🏽

You can now delete the value of custom fields in the App and with our API! This change now happens automagically when editing a contact in the app: visit a contact, delete the content from a custom field, then hit save, and the field will clear out.

  • How to do it via API:
    • Send "allow_empty_fields": "1" as an additional part of the request. If not, we won't modify any custom fields passed to Avochato that have empty values.

  • How to do it via CSV upload:
    • Customers that have access to the "Contact CSV Overwrite" checkbox can click that box to overwrite custom fields with empty values.

      Select the box (1) and then upload a CSV file including the custom field key(s) as one of the headers (2). Any custom field not present in the headers of the CSV file won't be edited.

Website Widget 📈

We have added a new feature flag for widgets to capture the UTM params of the first impression a user has - this enables "sticking" the user to the UTMs of the initial domain they land on.

By default, widgets will only pass the UTMs of the page the customer was on when they submitted the widget.

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