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Jan 21, 2022

Landing pages (Marketing, Sales, Support, Operations, All Features)

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We’ve created new landing pages highlighting features and use-cases for various types of avochato customer including a brand new Marketing Teams landing page:

Note: the latest versions of the following links are not live yet — see for a preview.

The landing pages include links to case studies, use-case specific logos and features, plus additional content and a fresh look.


Push notifications

v2.14 of Avochato for iOS and Avochato for Android are live in the app store and play store.

This version update restores our deep link functionality for push notifications: click on a push notification and the app will navigate directly to the conversation in the correct inbox.

Email notifications

We will no longer send conversation-based email notifications to any users that have not accepted Terms of Service. Specifically, this helps teams who invite lots of users during employee onboarding. Many teams reported inviting users to Avochato during their first week or two at the customer’s company. Those new employees would then find their corporate email inboxes were flooded with Avochato notifications before they were even onboarded to our tool.

Sign In flows

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The following pages have received visual updates:

  • Sign in via Email
  • Sign in via Phone
  • Forgot Password
  • Change Password
  • Create User Profile (when accepting an email invitation to join Avochato for the first time)
  • Confirm mobile phone (when validating that you own the number you are associating with your profile)

Reset Password

Additionally, after you request to reset your password, you’ll see a new confirmation page with options to a) resend the email or b) change the email that you requested a reset for.

Previously, users were being dumped back on with a simple alert in the top right corner.

Password Strictness

Password requirements are slightly more strict. Avochato passwords now require:

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  • 8 characters (up from 6)
  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Numerical digit

When setting your password, we will ask that you re-enter it twice and confirm they match.

Existing passwords are exempt — you only need to meet the new requirements if you are setting a new password or you have requested a password reset.

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