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UI Improvements, Salesforce Integration Updates and Bug Fixes

April 19, 2021

Header and Left Navigation Sidebar Redesign ✨

The app header has been redesigned! Not only does this visually look more appealing, but we have also intentionally added new elements to assist our customers. Now, you will see a usage counter along the header to always know how many messages you have remaining during your billing cycle.

Notion image

As you hover over buttons, you will now see a tooltip which provides a quick description to better inform customers.

Notion image

Salesforce Updates 👏🏼

  • Added support for searching records with phone numbers that begin with leading zeros (001…)
  • Added indexing to support searching the Contacts list or contacts API by Salesforce Object Type and Salesforce Object ID fields


  • Fixed an issue where auto-close conversations weren’t closing old tickets within the set time parameters.
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue where the selection menu in the New Conversation modal didn’t change when a user picked a Channel.
  • The “Scroll to Bottom” button should properly appear when you are scrolling close to the top of a conversation. Clicking the button should take you back to the most recent message in a conversation.
  • Fixed an issue where tags didn’t appear immediately when added via the conversation contact tag menu UI.
  • Account Managers and Owners can now delete custom fields that are not used by any contacts in the inbox.
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