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Aug 11, 2023

A2P Use Case Actions

We’re making it easier to manage rejected or un-used Use Cases, and to see which inboxes still need to be covered.

Automatic Use Case Deactivation

Use Cases are automatically deactivated 2 weeks after rejection. Any updates to the use-case and/or a successful review within the 2 week window will prevent deactivation. These deactivated use cases can be manually archived, but will not be archived automatically.

Archiving Use Cases

Any use case that has been deactivated (manually or automatically ) can now be archived to declutter the Use Case list. Click “Show Archived Use Cases” to view the list of archived use cases associated with your organization.

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Misc Improvements

  • We now automatically un-sync inboxes from a use case that gets declined, in order to prevent cases of "trapped" inboxes. This should make it easier to manage inboxes’ use cases.
  • A new warning banner will prompt users to sync any inboxes that aren’t covered by an existing use case.
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All uncovered inboxes sending SMS or MMS to contacts in the United States are subject to carrier-level filtering or throttling and eligible to incur penalty fees, per message.

Salesforce Users

  • We’ve added a Users subsection of the Salesforce integration tab, where admins can view the current list of Salesforce User records mapped to the list of users in the inbox. This is helpful when confirming that users are associated correctly between Avochato and Salesforce.
  • Fixed an issue with how we select credentials for salesforce users across multiple organizations that was causing problems assigning that user to Tasks and other records.


  • We’ve modified the Audience page for clarity — the checkboxes for mass-selecting existing contacts in your audience will now only appear after clicking the Edit Audience button.
  • We’ve also added a confirmation prompt before mass-deleting contacts from an audience.


  • Fixed an issue where links in the a conversation’s messages weren’t clickable if they had more than one URL parameter (ex: multiple utm paramers)
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